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Walking to Win!

We are a San Diego, California based training group for serious walkers who are committed to “winning” at their personal goals. Whether your goal is improved fitness, better health, weight loss, new friendships or even racing, Walk2Win is designed to make you a “winner”.

We provide quarterly training programs and coached group workouts so that you can achieve your walking goals. Our training program prepares beginning, intermediate and advanced walkers for 5K, 10K, half marathon and full marathon distances. If you choose to put your training to the test, we offer local races and even weekend “get aways” where you can travel and race as a team. Our coach teaches you proper technique and form. Racewalking is a full body workout that actually burns more calories than running. Racewalking when done properly, is low impact and injury free. This heel-and-toe, hip swivel technique will help you walk faster and farther with ease.

All walkers are welcome to join. Beginners and seasoned athletes alike join Walk2Win for its goal-oriented program offering guidance, motivation, structured training and FUN! They are all “winning” by walking!

“I had a fantastic race today and felt great the entire time. I finished the half marathon in 2:22:20! That’s 14 minutes faster than my goal! Thanks Liz for all your help in getting me this far so quickly. I really like this sport! - Jim Olson”

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